My Top 5 You Tubers Ever Planner Girl Must See!

My Top 5 You Tubers Ever Planner Girl Must See!

I thought for those that are new to planning or maybe just looking for something new to watch on You Tube I’d write a little about my favourite go to planners. Of course I watch many more and am always excited to find new channels especially UK based ones, but planning here isn’t as big as over the pond so I’ve not included any here. I will however do another post at some point concentrating on UK planners. I’ve not put these in any particular order as I’d find that near impossible!

The Planner Sophisticate – Jesenia

Jesenia has an amazing eye for detail and a style I would love to have! She is based in California and is a designer, her favourite colours are pinks, golds etc… out also for monthly spreads and how she utilises notes pages! Most of her spreads are done in an Erin Condren vertical but she also uses a personal and pocket planners too, if you haven’t found her yet I highly recommend you do.

Ruby Trev

Ruby is a bubbly lady with a mixture of planning videos, but she is best known for her plan as I go style. I honestly think she must have the biggest sticker collection in the planner world as when you watch her plan she literally has a sticker for every occasion! She uses various different planners including Erin Condren and personal planners.

Holly Plans – Holly

What I really like about Holly is that she is honest with her opinions on kits, she does a series called monthly smack down where she will compare different monthly kits from different Etsy shops…..her honest opinions are refreshing and although they are her own thoughts I enjoy watching her. Holly uses Erin Condren, personal and TN planners.

The Pink Room – Cindy

Cindy plans in a Happy Planner, she often uses her own kits but her style is different, always incorporating washi into her spreads. They are very “girly” and so pretty and she makes the Happy Planner work for no white space. Cindy is the owner of The Pink Room on Etsy she is from Canada and her postage prices are low. I have many of her kits and they are beautiful to work with and work well for white space planning too.

XO Mama Plans – Michelle

A totally unique way of planning, she makes her own kits and also sells them I’m her shop….I absolutely love her style, hand writing, colour matching and use of washi in her spreads. Michelle plans in an Erin Condren but also does personal size videos too…..if you are Disney obsessed you will love this channel!

Well hopefully you’ll give these girls a watch and I’ll be back again with some more suggestions! I must say it’s been very hard choosing just 5 because I watch so many more, but I had to start somewhere!


SPG Founder and Admin

Hailey’s Top 5 Planner Sticker Shops

Hey guys and welcome to the Scotlands Planner girls website.

I am Hailey one of the admins for the group along with Susie and Alyson, we have decided were each going to do a blog post once a month sometimes more and this week it is my turn. I am going to do my Top 5 planner stickers shops. Personally I found this hard to narrow down so I decided to base it on how many stickers I have from each shop, I don’t know about you but to me that means I must love if I keep going back for more.

Anxiety Aids


I found Anxiety aids after watching a YouTube video on sticker halls and I haven’t looked back, my sticker collection has grown since then along with Renee’s shop. Now anxiety aids stickers are very controversial so they aren’t for everyone’s taste or liking but I have a dry sense of humour and I love her stickers, a lot of which I can’t show on here uncase there is little eyes around. Renee has since branched out to not only stickers but planner stamps, subscription boxes, pins, books marks and planner covers!

Her sticker sheets come in personal sizes sheets so they can be stored in a 6 ring binder, but that doesn’t compromise the size of the stickers. Each sheet averages around 30 stickers and costs around £3 depending on the exchange rate, and with Anxiety Aids being a Canadian store shipping is cheaper than you think as well.

You can find Renee’s shop here. If you place an order use the code HAILEY20 for 20% off her website and let her know we sent you.

Fantasy Designs


Next up is a new shop I recently found but It has fast become my favourite, I had been eyeing up her Happy planner covers and when I got my happy planner I placed a big order. She recently opened again after rebranding and I love her stuff even more. I used her Nightmare before Christmas and Hocus Pocus kits in October and I have her Space Wars kit for December. Her kits are filled to the brim with stickers.

The brilliant thing about Janie’s stickers is they fit both Happy Planner as well as Erin Condren, she also as personal sized kits for those who use personal planners/ TNs. Her covers are the items I am obsessed with, In the space of a week I ordered 3 as well as the matching dashboards for my personal planner. I am the proud own of the Space Wars, Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter covers, dashboards.

They are all made of thick card and high quality laminate and punched, I have had them a few weeks now and I haven’t had an issue, no wear and tear. Janie recently launched EC versions of her covers which means you too can also have a cover. My next cover from her will be her midnight glam cover, can’t wait to see what she brings out in the new year.

You can find here shop here. If you order from her use the code THANKYOU15 for 15% off your order and let her know we sent you.

The Plump Planner


This next shop is group famous in most of the planner groups on Facebook and is one of the best valued sticker shops I have come across. Karen’s shop opens every Saturday for a short period of time but all her stickers are £1.95 and you get to sheets. It doesn’t matter if you buy a weekly kit, monthly kit or every day stickers you’ll always get 2 sheets!!!!!!!!!

I came across The Plump Planner when I won a store credit to her shop through Ellie Beth’s birthday and I placed my order, at the time I didn’t know she was Saturday only and kept missing her for months and months but when I do catch her shop – heads up you need to be there at 7pm on the dot, I stock up, I get around 20 or so sheets for £23 including postage. I think I have enough of Karens stickers to keep me going until Next Christmas yet want more.

You can find The Plump Planner here. No coupon code but £1.95 per sheet you don’t need one.

The Geeky Planner


The geeky planner is on par with The plump Planner in my sticker collection and between Karen and Lea they take up a full a5 binder between them. The Geekly planner is always my go to shop for anything movie related from marvel films to Harry Potter, Leas stickers are amazing. Her kits come with everything you need to plan out your week.

What I love about Leas stickers is they are bright and you’ll always have a sticker than matches your spread. There is stickers from the money challenge to college/ uni stickers (which I have a lot of). There is matte and glossy versions available which is always a plus, I wasn’t a glossy person until I started shopping at the Geeky Planner.

Lea is currents on holiday ( she should be back soon) but you can find her shop here. If you place an order with Lea use the code PLANWITHHAILEY for 10% off your order and tell her we sent you.

Toffee Bananas


Toffee Bananas was a new shop I found not long after she opened in March and again fast became one of the few shops I always go back to. What makes Zens shop stand out to me is the fact that her stickers are lovely muted shades – pastels which I am not normally a fan of but there is something about zen stickers I love.

I have used a few of her kits in the past and they last weeks, I am usually a white space planner person so I can get at least 2weeks out of Zen’s kits. She also now does monthly kits, I haven’t tried theses yet as I got mines until the end of the year but they look amazing. The one thing I stock up on from her shop is Icons her icons are so cute, they come in flag and square form in different colours and fit in personal, Happy planner and Erin condren planners which is a bonus means I can use them in all of my planners.

You can find Zens shop – Toffee Bananas here. If you order from her use the code ADDICT20 for 20% off your order and tell her, we sent you.

I am always on the lookout for new shops so if you have a recommendations please let us.

**I am a PR Girl for Anxiety Aids and I have been sent stickers for consideration by Lea over at the geeky planner but this by all means isn’t a sponsored post they haven’t asked me to write about them I really do love their stickers.