About Us

Hello! Welcome to Scotland’s Planner Girls!

Susie started Scotland’s Planner Girls group back at the beginning of 2016 after realising there are many of us planner girls who are based in Scotland, but we didn’t have our own group. The idea was to organise meet ups and get to know others who lived more locally. It wasn’t long before Susie started talking to Hailey and asked her if she would like to help out with Admin duties for the group. We then set about organising the first official Scottish planner meet up which took place in May 2016 in Glasgow.

It was a great success and we have since gone on to organise more meet ups, this time with a team of girls to help us out. Susie was forced to take a break from the group for family reasons and Alyson kindly agreed to help Hailey out in her absence and now she is well and truly part of the admin team….we just wouldn’t let her go!!

Our aim for the group is to grow it so that planner girls in all areas of Scotland have local members that they can meet up with locally and to organise larger meet ups 3/4 times a year in Glasgow. We are delighted to report that we already have over 150 members in the group which is growing all the time and it is reassuring to know that despite many people thinking we are a little crazy, we aren’t alone in our love of planners!